Letterheads of Old Pembroke Businesses

Many thanks to Mr St John Stimson, Edward Harries and Pam Rendall for allowing us to copy their old Pembroke Letterheads.

Letterhead of Morris, Family Butcher, Cambridge House Letterhead Stephens & Sons

LetterheadJamsBEDDOE.jpg Pembroke & District Agricultural Coop Ltd

Letterhead Burchell & Son Letterhead, George Griffiths Wine Merchants

Letterhead Colley & Sons Letterhead Henry Pratt, London House

And thank you to Peter Hurlow-Jones for the following letterheads

John & Archibald Stephens & Son 2.PamR10.png

2.PamR4.png 2.PamR5.png

2.Invoice1.png 2.Invoice3.png

2.Invoice2.png 2.PamR7.png 

2.PamR6.png 2.PamR9.png