The south side of Main Street ends, as shown above, at East End Square and consists of five cottages, the Hope Inn, and beyond number 6 the old East End School. There was once a number 7 East End but this was demolished to make the road wider for tanks travelling from the railway station to Castlemartin Firing Range.

The house on the left below was number 7, and huge loads continue to travel down Well Hill to the right - the tanks come on low-loaders and machinery for the Power Station and Chevron has to travel this way too.

mssEE.jpg msseee.jpg

mssaa.jpg mssccEx.jpg

Exeter House on the right, above, was demolished and later became a Texaco Garage. Further details are being prepared, including a fine image of Govan Davies premises and his vans parked outside

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Lost buildings - the impressive house above on the right (next to the Penny Savings Bank) replaced the cottage shown to the left of the centre photograph. This house in turn was demolished in the sixties along with the building beside it. In a poorly thought-out descision (this was before the town became a Consevation Area) their replacements were built several feet further back. The photograph on the left shows the cottages that were demolished to build today's Post Office, with a telephone exchange behind it.