Orange Gardens - originally known as Orange Town

Orange Gardens lies adjacent to Pembroke Commons to the south of the road that runs along it – Orange Way. Originally called Orange Town, it consists of several streets laid out in a grid system and filled with attractive cottages built in the 1860s by the Owen family at the height of their regularly suspect election campaigning.

1. The first photograph above (left) shows Number 1 Owen Street; with Leticia Saunders (nee Furlong) with her daughter Flossie and young son Norman standing outside, complete with dress and pinafore as was the fashion for toddlers at that time.

2. The aerial view shows the location of Orange Gardens at the bottom of the image. We do not have any old views of the whole community and if anyone can help we would be very grateful.

3. The second image from right above shows Florence Saunders standing with her mother outside their shop and bakery, on the corner of 2 Williamston Street in Orange Gardens. These little shops were an important part of a community and this one was no exception. Times were often hard but people pulled together, and despite being a widow Mrs Saunders ran the little shop and also the bakery that was at the back, in order to provide for her family. The shop would have had flexible opening hours and sold everything from candles to loose leaf tea, hairnets to firelighters, and local butter for home-baked bread.

4. The Black Rabbit Club (above right) was originally a public house called The New Inn. It was later renamed The Black Rabbit; the name was said to derive from a story about how two local poachers were caught.

Orange Gardens was, and still is, a close-knit community, with many families having lived there all their lives.