Who we are, and people to thank

In the year 2000 the newly-formed Pembroke 21C Community Association carried out a Town consultation delivering a comprehensive questionnaire to three and a half thousand homes. Almost sixty per cent of leafleted households returned completed documents and out of all these responses the Plan for Pembroke into the 21st Century was formed.

The Pembroke Story was born, and began life in the old Eastgate School with an old Main Street 'Dollymixture' display. The Community Association then raised the money to buy the Old Foundry on Pembroke Commons and with the assistance of Heritage Lottery funding the project developed here.

For the last several years the project has been entirely volunteer-led. Nikki Anderson co-ordinates the project and a huge step forward came when The Tabernacle chapel in Main Street offered a home to the project. Nikki's book entitled Pembroke & Around Through Time can be purchased from here.

People to thank

A huge debt of gratitude is due to all the people who have helped and contributed in so many ways to The Pembroke Story. Thank you to each and every one of you - you know who you are. We will update this list as often as possible and if you can't see your name on it and have contributed then please do let us know.

Thank you to (in alphabetical order):

21C and Trustees

Alan Lloyd

Alison Jones

Ben Manning

Carol Jenkins (Hogg)

Ceri Addis

Chris Allman and PAVS

Chris Tolley

David Harries

Des Shanklin

Diana Hodges

Dorcas Thorburn

Edward Harries

Eric Gwyther

Eric Robinson

Eunice Williams

Gary Saunders

Gene Rycroft

George Lewis

George Palmer

Glynn Waters

Guy Anderson

Gwen Griffith

Gweneira Maillard

Harold Thomas

Ian Campbell

Jane Mayor

Janet Drogan

Jean Williams

Jeff Horner

Jewson Ltd

Joan Jones

John and Maxine Rolls

Jonathan Harries

Joyce Colley

Judy and St John Stimson

Kath Levell

Katheryn Davies

Kathryn Harries

Keith Johnson

Lei Foster

Linda and Michael Hickling

Linda Gibbs

Liz and Wyn Jenkins

Margaret Howells

Margery Rees

Mary Williams

May James

Michael and Judith Colle

Mr Kind

Mrs Rixon

Nanette Head-Lewis

OJ Williams

Olwen Deibert

Owen Vaughan

Pam Rendall

Pat Lewis

Pat Smith

Paul Williams

Milford Haven Port Authority

Peter Hurlow Jones

Rose Blackburn

Rosemary Bevan

Roy Haggar

Sheila Prout

Sid Howells

Steven Devote

Members of the Tabernacle Chapel

Tony Thomas

Val Randell